Download Eid GIF 2018 Latest Free

Eid ul adha 2018 is coming with many exciting activities. And we want that you make this eid the first-class eid of your existence consequently this eid you ought to do something interesting and some thing new.

So, if you have decided to send some thing new for your buddies then you definately have to attempt out eid mubarak gif this time.

If you don’t understand, allow me inform you gif additionally known as images interchange format is one of the pix record which contains each lively and static pictures. The animated eid mubarak gif that you can send for your buddies would be pretty a fantastic idea. The motive is that now not many humans realize about gif and best few people send those pix as compared to preferred eid mubarak wishes and eid al adha needs that in general people ship. And different humans ship eid mubarak playing cards. Few humans also send eid mubarak movies and eid al adha mubarak movies.

However you can do something new this eid via sending eid al adha mubarak gif in your pals and own family participants. Consequently under i’ve introduced lots of gif for you. You can down load them totally free beneath. Down load method is likewise defined.

Download EID GIF:

You can download eid gif free below:

eid ul fitr gif 2018

eid ul fitr gif

eid ul fitr gif for relatives 2018

CreeHack APK For Android, iOS and PC

Creehack Details:

Internet is a wide store full of different apps and games of different kinds and features. With internet we don’t need to go outside to any gaming zone for playing any game just simply download and install the game and play it in your spare time. There are different free and paid games and apps available on the internet. You can simply go to the platform and download free apps and games. But what about the paid apps. There are two options for acquiring these paid apps and games. One is to pay for them and install these apps and games and the other is if you don’t want to pay find a hacking tool and download these paid apps and games for free. Most of the users don’t want to spend money on these paid apps so they like to use hacking tools. In this Article I will introduce you to the worlds best hacking tool available for you. Its name is CreeHack app one of the best option for hacking apps and games.

Features Of CreeHack APK:

The following are the main features of CreeHack.

  • CreeHack enables you to download paid apps and games free of cost.
  • The app run successfully on Android version which are beyond KitKat.
  • CreeHack enables you unlimited usage.
  • CreeHack hacks all the apps and games.
  • CreeHack is free of cost and can be easily downloaded form google Play store.
  • The total weight of CreeHack is 550 kb and acquire a very little space in your device.
  • CreeHack contains an inbuilt Card which has the ability to get paid apps free.
  • The best thing about CreeHack is it don’t need any rooting procedure to make an in app purchase.

CreeHack is completely free of scam or malware.

AC Market APK For Windows PC

For Android plat forms there are a lot of useful apps as compare to windows PC. Some times the window users get upset why there are so much little apps for this plat forms just like AC Market where they are also able to download paid apps free. So this article is specially for windows users here we will teach you how to install and use AC Market on your PC.

How To Install Ac Market In PC:

The best thing about AC Market store is all of its apps are free of cost. And this store is popular among the users because the apps which you download from AC Market is transferable from one Android device to another. Installing AC Market on your PC is a bit difficult process because like Android phones you cant install it directly from Google Play store. Here are steps listed below how to install and use AC Market on your windows PC.

Step 1:

The first thing which you need to do is to download AC Market APK from the web on Your windows PC.

Step 2:

After downloading you can find that the app is not installing on your PC. So for installing AC Market on your PC you need to download and install any app player which can be used to install and run other apps. The best app suited here is BlueStack app player for you.

Step 3:

After the bluestack app is installed on your PC open the APK and create an account by using your Gmail id. If you have already a Google id login it with the existing one and if you don’t have then make one.

Step 4:

Now you are able to install your AC market on your PC. Go to the app and click on installation button and wait for it to install. When the installation is complete you are free to use it and download different apps.

All in One AIO Downloader APK Pure 2018

Among other plat forms like google play store one of the largest, secure and independent app is AIO Downloader for Android users. This is a very useful downloader app for android users. Most of the android users like this app because even the paid apps are available free of cost in AIO Downloader. AIO Downloader have a store mp3 ringtones which contains above 100M tones for your cell phone which contains billboard charts, holly wood charts, bolly wood charts, nelt charts, UK charts, Youtube charts, Daily motion charts and a lot more. With AIO Downloader you can also download videos and the most interesting feature of this apk is it will download the desired video and audio 7 times faster than alternative apps which helps you to save your precious time.

How To Download AIO Downloader in your Android:

Here is a simple method by which you can easily download AIO Downloader in your Android Smart phone. But before downloading one thing to keep in mind is that your Android version should be 2.0 and above.

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Go to the Tools icon.
  • Their you will find AIO Downloader if not then search AIO Downloader in the search icon.
  • Click on install option and wait for it.
  • You are ready to go.

How to Use AIO Downloader:

  • Open the AIO Downloader.
  • Go to search icon.
  • Write your desired app and click on install option.
  • If you need video or mp3 then do the same.
  • The downloaded item will automatically transfer to your cell phone memory.

Additional Info:

The size of this app is 3.9. this app was published to the google play store on date 4.6.2017. the app was rated 4.5 by its users in play store.

Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK

This game is basically about fighting with different enemies that emerges in your city and a hero rises and fights against these enemies with a lot of different types of deadly weapons.

Modes Of Anger Of Stick 5 Mod Apk:

You experiences this game in 3 different and exciting modes.

  1. Jump Jump
  2. Survival
  3. Doodle Runner

Jump Jump:

While fighting with your enemies you need to go higher and higher avoiding falling because that will get you killed and you have to start it from the beginning.


In this mode you will have to survive for as long as you can while using available resources effectively but first you need to kill all your enemies with the available weapons you have in your possession.

Doodle Runner:

In this mode you need to run as fast as you can defending from the attacks of your enemies and collecting money which will be needed to upgrade your weapons.

Best Features:

Some of the best features of this game are as under.


This game provide you more than 130 realistic combat moves which you will use effectively against your enemies. There are some special moves that helps to eliminate all your enemies at once.


This game provide you some of the deadly weapons like Uzi, M1911, Grenade Launcher, Tokarev TT, Ak 47 and a lot more. You can set these different weapons on your helicopter and robots and fight against your enemies.

anger of stick 5 modded apk download

Additional Information About Anger Of Stick 5 MOD APK:

  • This game was updated on 17 December 2017.
  • This game can be played on Android Version of 4.1 and above.
  • This game was developed and designed by
  • This is a moderate violence game and is rated 12+ by the users.
  • The current version of this game is 5.1.2

Download Anger Of Stick 5 MOD APK:

You can download anger of stick 5 modded apk by clicking the image above.

Best Badminton Rackets For Beginner

If you are about to start a badminton game then it’s a good choice because badminton is a game where you have to put physical as well as mental effort which is very beneficial for your body. Badminton is usually played with a racket and a shuttle cock the personal tool of every player is a racket.  Its very important for every player to have a best quality racket for the game because it adds more fun while playing and provides a plus point during the game. A lot of beginners are confused which racket is better for them so here is a list of some of the top rackets for the beginners.

Best Badminton Rackets For Beginner

Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus:

in mid range Yonex series this is one of the most powerful, durable and popular racket which is made up of complete carbonex. Its designed is oval shaped head which gives you complete control over your every shot because as a beginner players usually don’t have control over their shots. This racket is made up of full high quality graphite material.

Yonex Nanoray D1:

Yonex Nanoray D1 is used by intermediate players but its specially designed for beginner. The head of this racket is a bit light better for racket swing and defensive play. This racket is very durable so it is best suited for beginners because usually in the start players break their racket because of misuse or wrong shots during learning hence breaks their racket. So I personally recommend this racket to the beginners.

Li Ning G Tek 98:

Li Ning is a Chinese company which is popular for making durable and best quality rackets for lesser price than yonex and several other brands. The head of G Tek 98 is Isometric shape helps players for more powerful smashes and 3rd line shots. The frame of this racket is made up of Aluminium which makes it very durable.