Breeding Dogs | Making A Breeding Plan :

When it comes to breeding bernedoodle dogs, a plan of action needs to be in place. This of course needs to be in place before you get your dogs. I have listed what I feel are the best steps when it comes to planning when you are breeding dogs. Planning on when to breed a dog and how to breed a dog comes into place when these queries have been met.

Firstly, you need to know what kind of dog you are going to breed. You then need to know the breeding dogs standards and figure out which of the standards you are going to be breeding for with the dogs that you are breeding. Next you need to know the various ways that the program is going to be set up, making a good questionaire and a waiting list program will help you decide where your puppies will go.

Also, when breeding dogs, you need to know where you will keep the dogs. remember that dogs should be a part of your life and family. How to manage your dogs is important too. how many dogs you will have and how you will train them. How many litters you will have with the dogs needs to be planned and please remember not to breed a female dog everytime she goes into season. Keeping your dogs up to date with shots needs to be remembered and how to socialize them.

So to sum up, your planning when breeding dogs should be all these :
1. The breed of dogs you are going to own
2. The number of dogs you think you would be able to handle
3. Where your dogs will stay, and what type of accommodations you will offer them
4. The vet you will use
5. The amount of money you have to spend on dog care, vet care, and all of the expenses, and where that money will come from.
6. How many years you plan on breeding dogs
7. Whether you plan on continuing your breeding program with dogs that you breed yourself, or whether you plan on bringing in new dogs to continue your program
8. What you will do with dogs when they can no longer breed for you.
9. How you will deal with complications in pregnancy and with puppies that don’t make it.
10. How you will know when you can breed your dogs again
11. How you will know when it is time to stop.
12. Your overall goal for breeding – the types of things that you are looking for in the breed and the types of things that you hope to achieve by breeding the dogs that you have chosen.
When to breed a dog, how to breed a dog is only understood when breeding dogs with this planning. This will help you succeed.