Nova Launcher Prime 4.2.0 Beta A3

Nova launcher prime is the premium version of Nova launcher prime. In the google play store there are both the paid and unpaid versions of Nova Launcher prime available for download. Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best and original launcher for Android devices. With Nova Launcher Prime you can completely replace the home screen of your device with the one you can edit and customize. There are different requirements of different users. Some users need the way more from the standard display of there handset. Nova launcher prime is specially designed for those users. Set your favorite apps and games on the home screen or create different shortcuts to access different apps and games easily. Nova Launcher prime is a paid app hence it provide you thousands of different customization options and a lot more colors, looks, and themes for your android device.

Pros Of using Nova Launcher prime on Your device:

Friendly User Interface:

Nova Launcher Prime has one of the best users interface. Nova Launcher Prime is very simple to use. It has thousands of editing options but easy to use and understand.

Fast To Use:

Launcher Nova Launcher Prime is very light weight app hence it is very fast to use. It does it work quickly and quietly. Nova launcher Prime has the smooth animations better than other launchers in the market for android devices.

A lot Of Customization Options:

Nova launcher prime provide you a lot of customization options to your home screen. In fact Nova Launcher Prime provide you the most customization options comparing to other launcher.

Better Control:

Nova Launcher Prime provide you higher control over your hand set because with Nova Launcher Prime installed in your device you can get access to each and every aspect of your handset and can edit it easily.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Iphone

Music is one of the greatest creation of man kind so far because its keeps away the troubles of our daily life from our minds. Most of the people like to listen to music in their free time to get relief from there busy life. There are some people around the world who likes to listen music while they are doing gym workout, running, walking, jogging or biking to keep there mind on the track and for motivation. There are two ways through which you can listen music while doing workout one is with the help of headphones and the other one is Wireless Earbuds. Most of the users like to use wireless Earbuds because its free from wires and comfortable to use. iOS users face little problem while purchasing Earbuds for there smart phones because unlike other smart set devices iOS is not competable to every Wireless Earbuds. There are some specially designed Earbuds for iOS users. Here in this Article we will show you some of the best Earbuds For Iphone.

Area Of Concern Before Choosing Wireless Earbuds For Your Smart Phone:

If you have decided to buy Earbuds it means you don’t like cables or wires. But one point to keep in mind that not all Earbuds are free from wires. All of them lack a wired connection to your phone but they are connected themselves with each other with a wire or a cable used to carry music signals between the Earbuds or for the purpose to carry bigger battery.

The following are the things which you should keep in mind before buying Earbuds Pair for yourself.


Basically Earbuds are of two types. The first kind consists of swappable silicone tips to plug up in your ears and are used to cut out external sound. In simple words the first type of earbuds wont let you listen to the voice and noise in your surroundings. With these types of earbuds you can listen to the music at lower speed which is good for your hearing. The sound in this type of Earbud is very good because the background sound is reduced and eliminated in it. But this type of earbuds are not good if you are running, or biking.

The second type of Earbuds are the ones that hang outs from your ears. At first look it seems to fell out from your ears. These type of earbuds are less secure than the first ones. With these type of earbuds you are fully aware of your surroundings because it let you listen to the voice of your surroundings.


The second thing which you should consider before purchasing your Earbuds is the life of its battery and in how much time it needs to full. Long time battery life is very necessary for users who like to listen music while they are biking, jogging or running because in these activities players spent hours so you will be needing long life of your battery. The battery life depends on the need of the users people can choose battery life according to there need. There are both long life and short life earbuds available in the market.

Remote Functions:

Remote controls are very important feature if you don’t like to bother yourself by putting your hands in your pocket to take out your smart phone after every 5 minutes. Apples Earbuds use Gestures to skip, play or Pause while other Earbuds uses a button to do these features.

Here is the list of Some Of The Best Earbuds Available For iOS Users:

  • Onkyo W800 True Wireless Earbuds.
  • Jabra Elite 65t.
  • Optoma NuForce BE Free8.
  • Sony WF1000 X